Discounts on authentic export-quality pump

Nowadays, the Vietnam market is flooded with diverse ranges of pumps in various brand names and series models. Those pumps share 1 point in common: unstable wattage, poor quality, and low durability. Being aware of the issue, ShinMaywa Industries, LTD. – the leading pioneer in electronics production and auto industries in Japan – has released submersible Patio-series pump (Patio for short) and submersible single-phase Norus-series pump (Norus for short) for domestic and household usage with affordable price tags. Being trusted and chosen by many Japanese fastidious customers for their Koi and fish tanks, Patio has made its successful product launch. Nhat Anh Co., LTD is pleased to bring Patio and Norus to the Vietnam market. Nhat Anh is committed to the delivery of quality products, optimized efficiency, and competitive price.

1. Patio is multipurpose and well-designed for domestic use. It has eye-catching design and long-lasting durability, offering high corrosion-resistant due to its plastic casing. Since its launch in the market, Patio has been trusted and chosen for irrigating and pumping, filtering water in Japanese home gardens.

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